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Fleximake is an industry leading, Australian manufacturer of flexible products made from specialised textiles and plastics for industrial applications. Fleximake is at the forefront of creative solutions using modern materials and manufacturing techniques to provide quality products.

Fleximake industry specialise in providing customers with reliable, Australian designed and produced products for a wide-range of diverse situations. Whether it is residential, industrial, commercial, rural or even mobile application, Fleximake is committed to providing customers with cost effective and flexible solutions that will withstand even the harshest climates and conditions.

Fleximake Pty Ltd is an independent, Australian company that does not have affiliation to any other Australian or International company.

Our Commitment to service and satisfaction

At Fleximake we take pride in quality and timely service. Our team approach every project with the ultimate objective being customer satisfaction. To us, that means taking responsibility to provide considered solutions, tailoring our products to custom requirements and ensuring quality throughout all stages. We care deeply about long term customer satisfaction and believe that strong customer relationships are the key to the success of Fleximake.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is critical to our success, continual improvement and innovation. Positive or negative, your feedback helps us make better and more relative products for you, our valued customers.
Please share your feedback via our Contact Us page.

Complaints Resolution

If you experience an issue with any of our products Contact Us we are here to help provide a resolution. Fleximake ensures timely, fair and reasonable resolutions as our business is built on the foundation of achieving long term customer satisfaction.