Hospital Bed Mattress/Medical Mattress

Fleximake hospital bed mattress/medical mattress are specially designed for the patients with frail body and who needs to spend most of the time being bounded to the bed. These mattresses are made by taking in consideration of all the safety, comfortability, and hygienic features for the patients.

These hospital bed mattress medical mattress are designed with large thickness than the normal mattress for the comfortability but can be easily adjusted with hospital beds which needs a mechanism of elevating on different positions.


Why Fleximake Hospital Bed Mattress| Medical Mattress?

  • Specially designed for patients who needs to spend long time on bed.
  • Designed for border edge protection so that patient will not slip off the bed.
  • Liquid ingress resistant (microbes growth restrictor).
  • Robust and durable and support for bariatric patients.
  • Multilayer foams.
  • Easy and quick to clean.
  • Flame retardant foams..
  • Repel bed bugs and other bacteria’s (microbes growth restrictor).
  • Types of Foams for Fleximake Hospital Bed Mattress| Medical Mattress

    We can provide different types of foams according to your requirements. Please have a look at below data sheets for more information.

    Physical Properties 

    Physical PropertiesHC39-115HC39-140HC39-170
    Density38 to 40 kg/m338 to 40 kg/m338 to 40 kg/m3
    Tear Resistance200N/m Minimum200N/m Minimum200N/m Minimum
    Tensile Strength70kPa Minimum70kPa Minimum70kPa Minimum
    Elongation150% Minimum150% Minimum150% Minimum
    Resilience45% Minimum45% Minimum45% Minimum
    Compression8% Maximum8% Maximum8% Maximum
    Indentation (SAG) Factor1.77 Minimum1.78 Minimum1.77 Minimum
    I.F.D. Hardness Range (Newtons)If 40% Minimum 100N
    If 40% Maximum 130N
    If 25% Recovery 75% Minimum
    If 40% Minimum 125N
    If 40% Maximum 155N
    If 25% Recovery 70% Minimum
    If 40% Minimum 155N
    If 40% Maximum 185N
    If 25% Recovery 70% Minimum

    Note: Tested internally in accordance with the test methods listed in Australian Standard A$2282.0

    Available ColorsHC39-115HC39-140HC39-170
    ColorOrange (162U)Aqua (324U)Ruby Red


    Tested Flammability Standards for HC39-115/ HC39-140/ HC39-170

    AS/NZS 4088.1Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture - Ignition source: Smouldering cigaretteNI - PASS
    AS/NZS 3744.3Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture - Ignition source: Nom. 160ml/min gas flame (Source 2)NI - PASS
    CAL 117, Sec.Requirements, Test Procedure and Apparatus for Testing the Smoulder Resistance of Materials Used in Upholstered FurnitureMEETS

    Note:  These test results alone do not assess the fire hazard of the material or the product made from this material under actual fire conditions.

    Grade Description

    Soft Flame Retardant foam for Healthcare use. Incorporating Ultra-FreshTM for antimicrobial protection.Medium Firm Flame Retardant foam for Healthcare use. Incorporating Ultra-FreshTM for antimicrobial protection.Firm Flame Retardant foam for Healthcare use. Incorporating Ultra-FreshTM for antimicrobial protection.

    Fleximake can provide you a custom medical mattress to fit perfectly to your need. Whether if you want medical mattress for your hospital bed or your home, we can design and manufacture to suit your exact requirement. The friendly team at Fleximake are always happy to help with your specific mattress’s requirement. Please simply fill the Enquire form below or give us a call on 1300 195 295. We will discuss your needs and deliver the perfect solution on time.

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