Fleximake is a proud designer and manufacturer of high quality flexible products made from specialised plastics and textiles, available for use across a range of industrial applications.

We specialise in creating products for use throughout residential, industrial, commercial, rural, and mobile applications, and have forged a reputation for manufacturing only the highest quality products.

Our product list includes collapsible, slimline, and temporary rainwater storage tanks, important for a range of industrial applications.

Fleximake water weight bags are designed for proof load testing of lifting equipment and structures, both newly finished or periodic checks and maintenance. Water weight bags provide load testing solutions for marine, offshore and other industry sectors with...

Fleximake’s bladder frac tank is an ideal solution for temporary liquid storage. Compared to traditional steel frac tanks, a bladder tank offers increased storage capacity as all available space can be utilised by the flexible nature of the Fleximake design.

Onion tanks are a flexible storage tank designed for temporary water storage and wide range of liquids. Great for any location in need of temporary storage, these tanks can be quickly moved and deployed on site.

Over many years, Fleximake has collaborated with professional divers to understand the latest upgrades that can be made to our lift bag design and ensure the most effective and reliable product. This allows us to get the highest quality product during the manufacturing stage...

Fleximake inflatable pipe plugs are great for use during inspections, cleaning, and repairs of sewerage systems. These plugs are also valuable for use in tunnel maintenance and construction. We can custom make these plugs to match your applications specific requirements.

Over many years, Fleximake have been manufacturing tarpaulins for all various different applications from commercial storage use to simple home renovations. Whether it is used as a long-term solution or one off temporary solution, big or small, heavy-duty or light-weight, we have tarps that are compatible in every application.

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