Onion tanks

Onion Tanks for Potable and Non-Potable Water

Onion tanks are a flexible storage tank designed to successfully store potable and non-potable water and a wide range of liquids. Great for any location in need of temporary storage, these tanks can be quickly moved and deployed on site. Their fast set up and easy fill has made them the ideal choice for firefighting, military operations, pool repairs and other situations and events in need of short term storage.

Fleximake has produced portable onion water tanks for hundreds of successful projects across the world. Our high quality material sourcing and industry leading manufacturing techniques deliver finished products with high tensile strength that are resistant to tears and abrasions. With our focus on quality, rest assured that choosing Fleximake onion water tanks means getting the best available in the market — so get in touch today and discover the range we have for sale!

Alongside these tanks, we can also provide fuel bladders that offer safe and secure storage of fuels, chemicals and waste liquids as well.

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