Pillow Bladder Tanks for Potable Water and Liquid Storage

  • Two flexible water bladders filled with water on a remote mine site
Fleximake pillow bladder tanks are frameless, self-supporting “pillow” shaped tanks. They are used for storage of water and other types of liquids. These tanks are an economical solution for storage of large quantities of potable water, waste water, effluent, chemicals and fuels. It is very popular in the mining, industrial, construction and agricultural sectors.


The pillow bladders can be installed within a very short time duration compared to other storage solutions. This makes pillow bladders ideal for emergency liquid storage. Populer applications are firefighting, drinking water storage for disaster relief, military operations, spill containment and pool repairs. Pillow bladders are collapsible and they can be folded neatly for convenient storage and transportation. Fleximake pillow tanks are designed to be tough and made with heavy duty fabrics for on-going use and for longevity.


Every pillow bladder we make go through a rigorous testing regime to ensure the quality and trouble free deployment on site. Fleximake can manufacture capacities up to 750,000L in a single bladder. For liquid storage capacities higher than 750,000L, Fleximake can provide a solution of pillow bladder tank farms that consists of multiple bladders interconnected using manifolds. Pillow bladder farms are an extendable solution that allows you to add bladders for future capacity upgrades.
We manufacture our pillow tanks from the highest quality, strong, durable and heavy duty materials suitable for harsh environments. We manufacture a range of pillow tanks from different materials that are best suited to your water or liquid storage application.


Fleximake is the leading pillow tank manufacturer in Australia. We here at Fleximake have the fastest and most sophisticated plastic welding machines in Australia. The modern tech, high speed machines guarantee you a fast turnaround time regardless of the size of any pillow tanks. This also means that we can offer you a very cost efficient solution as opposed to our direct competitors.




  • Potable (i.e. drinking water) clean water storage. Please click here for Australian food grade drinking water guidelines
  • Efficient handling of batches of liquid food products and edible oils in food processing plants
  • Water storage for disaster or emergency relief
  • Water, diesel fuel, other types of fuels and liquids storage for military operations
  • Long term water storage at remote locations (e.g. mining camps, exploration and drilling operations)
  • Waste water bladder tanks, grey water, black water and sewage storage for wastewater treatment
  • Temporary containment of spills of oil, fuel, chemical and etc.
  • Effluent management and storage solution for dairy farms.
  • Water storage for dust suppression of construction sites
  • Storage of hazardous liquids
  • Fuel and chemical storage for emergency operations
  • Water and liquid storage at construction sites
  • Storage of liquids for hydraulic fracturing
  • Heavyduty water bladdres for temporary storage of liquids during maintenance of permanent storage facilities (e.g. swimming pools, tanks, ponds and etc.)
  • Ideal for temporary containment of liquids during decontamination operations
  • Short term water storage for farming operations that require frequent relocation (i.e. portable water bladders)
  • Storage of water for fighting fires and bushfires
  • Water storage bladder for wineries and orchards to get through dry periods and droughts
  • Storage of fertilizers and other liquid products to balance the seasonal pattern in demand and supply
  • Rainwater storage, stormwater tanks and leachates on road construction sites
  • Storage of water for fire sprinkler system
  • Key Benefits of Fleximake Pillow Bladder Tanks

  • Self-supporting and frameless, collapsible when empty
  • Quick to install, minimal site preparations prior to installation.
  • Can fold easily and neatly - takes up only about 8% to 12 % of filled volume.
  • Our pillow bladder tanks are constructed using multi-layer, heavy-duty, woven, reinforced, double side coated materials for longevity and sturdiness
  • Fittings location, type and size and can be selected according to your requirements
  • The fabric on the top of the pillow tank always hugs the surface of the contained fluid. The tank continuously adjusts itself to whatever the volume of liquid that is in it. Only a minimal amount of liquid gets direct air exposure. As a result, there is a minimal risk of oxidation, condensation, vapour accumulation in fuel applications and evaporation.
  • Minimal risk of vermin or other contamination due to enclosed construction
  • Our pillow bladder tanks are made of very high tensile, puncture, tear and abrasion resistant fabric materials
  • Ground sheet included for additional protection against rough surfaces
  • Technical fabric materials that comply with AS/NZS 4020 for potable water and liquid food storage applications
  • Can be easily folded for easy transportation to your next construction site, ideal for remote locations
  • A safe storage solution - less risk of accidents such as drowning due to fully enclosed construction
  • Pillow bladders are enclosed with no air exposure - generate minimal odour and no occurrence of crusting in dairy effluent storage applications
  • All seams are fusion welded using cutting edge welding machines
  • Multiple pillow bladder tanks can be interconnected to form a bladder tank farm. This can achieve any storage volume with provisions for future capacity extensions
  • Unlike steel tanks, Fleximake pillow bladder tanks will not rust or corrode
  • Unlike other storage tanks, special safety fencing is not required for pillow tanks. A typical low cost stock fence is sufficient for dairy effluent storage applications
  • Capacity and Dimensions
    Fabric Material Choices for Pillow Bladder Tanks
    Why Choose Fleximake Pillow Bladder Tanks
    Capacity and Dimensions

    Standard Size and Capacity Range

    Fleximake manufactures a wide range of standard pillow bladder tanks for various applications and is suitable for various liquids. This includes potable water, edible oils, non-potable water, chemicals, fertilizers, effluent, fuels and oils. Details of our standard pillow bladder tank sizes are listed in the table below.

    Model NoCapacity(Litres)Length (Appox. when empty) L (mm) Width (Appox. when empty) W (mm) Max Fill Height (Appox.) H (mm)
    FMPBT0010 _ _ _ _10,000L5,500mm3,000mm1,000mm
    FMPBT0020 _ _ _ _20,000L6,800 mm4,000mm1,100mm
    FMPBT0030 _ _ _ _30,000L7,000mm5,000mm1,300mm
    FMPBT0040 _ _ _ _40,000L8,900mm5,000mm1,300mm
    FMPBT0050 _ _ _ _50,000L8,500mm6,000mm1,400mm
    FMPBT0060 _ _ _ _60,000L10,000mm6,000mm1,400mm
    FMPBT0070 _ _ _ _70,000L11,400mm6,000mm1,000mm
    FMPBT0080 _ _ _ _80,000L10,500mm7,000mm1,500mm
    FMPBT0090 _ _ _ _90,000L11,600mm7,000mm1,500mm
    FMPBT0100 _ _ _ _100,000L12,800mm7,000mm1,500mm
    FMPBT0150 _ _ _ _150,000L12,200mm10,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0200 _ _ _ _200,000L16,000mm10,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0250 _ _ _ _250,000L16,000mm12,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0300 _ _ _ _300,000L19,000mm12,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0350 _ _ _ _350,000L20,000mm13,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0400 _ _ _ _400,000L21,000mm14,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0450 _ _ _ _450,000L22,000mm15,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0500 _ _ _ _500,000L23,000mm16,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0550 _ _ _ _550,000L24,700mm16,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0600 _ _ _ _600,000L25,200mm17,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0650 _ _ _ _650,000L27,200mm17,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0700 _ _ _ _700,000L28,000mm18,000mm1,600mm
    FMPBT0750 _ _ _ _750,000L30,000mm18,000mm1,600mm
    Note: _ _ _ _of the model number in the above table represents the code for the fabric material. These codes are shown in the table in “Fabric Material Choices for Pillow Bladder Tanks" tab that details the fabric material selection. Example: Material code for food grade RPVC 900gsm is P09P. Therefore, the model number for 250,000L pillow tank made out of food grade plastic RPVC900gsm fabric material is FMPBT0250P09P
    Onion tanks Diagram with diameters

    Custom Made Pillow Bladder Tanks

    Fleximake can provide you a tailor made solution to perfectly fit your requirements. We can design and manufacture pillow bladder tanks to meet the required liquid holding capacity, available space, type of fluid you need to store, fittings and accessories. Our standard pillow bladder tanks are self-supporting and pillow shaped. However, we can custom make bladders to fit the available space or shape such as vessels, boats, yachts or any irregular shaped structures. In addition, Fleximake can manufacture bladders for shipping containers known as Flexitanks.

    We also manufacture flexible rainwater tanks for domestic applications that help you reduce your tap water consumption and water bills. We also offer a wide range of flexible SUV water tanks for recreational activities. Please visit fmestore for more information.

    The friendly team at Fleximake are always happy to help with your specific requirement for liquid storage solution. Please simply fill the Enquire form below or give us a call on 1300 195 295. We’ll discuss your needs and deliver the perfect solutions to you on time.


    We can offer our pillow bladder tanks with almost any fitting type or size you require. Following are some of the common fitting types used for pillow bladder tanks.

  • Poly tank fittings with ball valves
  • Aluminium flanges
  • Stainless steel flanges
  • Camlock fittings
  • BSP UPVC valve with PP male coupling
  • Quick couple hose and adapter fittings
  • Storz firefighting fittings

  • If the fitting you need is not listed above, please contact us. We are happy to meet your requirement(s).

    Options and Accessories

  • Ground sheets for rough surfaces
  • Supply of complete turnkey solution including pumps, fittings and filtering systems to achieve required water pressure and flow requirements.
  • Top Covers for UV (Ultra Violet) protection or bladders can be made using UV treated fabric materials
  • Fire retardant (FR) treated fabric materials
  • If required, secondary portable spill containment bunds can be supplied with pillow bladder tanks for chemical, oil or fuel storage application
  • Fabric Material Choices for Pillow Bladder Tanks

    Fabric Material Choices

    We manufacture our pillow bladder tanks from strong, durable, heavy duty fabric materials suitable for harsh environments in commercial, mining and industrial applications. We have pillow bladder tanks manufactured from a range of different materials that are best suited to your application.

    The selection of fabric materials that are used for manufacturing our pillow bladder tanks are listed in the table below. We select the most economical material suitable for your need considering the required capacity, dimensions and liquid characteristics. Please download the datasheets for properties and fluid resistance guidelines of our industrial fabric materials.

    Fabric Material g/m2 (gsm)Suitable applications Data sheet and Fluid resistance guidelineFabric Material Code
    RPVC900Non-potable water, Certain chemicals, Certain oilsDownload datasheetP09N
    RPVC900Food Grade, Potable water (i.e. drinking water) Comply with AS/NZ 4020 standardDownload datasheetP09P
    RPVC1100Non-potable water, Certain chemicals, Certain oilsDownload datasheetP11N
    RPVC1100Food Grade, Potable water (i.e. drinking water) Comply with AS/NZ 4020 standard or equivalent international standardsDownload datasheetP11P
    RPVC1400Non-potable water, Certain chemicals, Certain oilsDownload datasheetP14N
    TPU960Potable water (i.e. drinking water) Comply with AS/NZ 4020 standard or equivalent international standardsDownload datasheetTPUP
    TPU1230Fuels, Oils, Certain ChemicalsDownload datasheetTPUN
    ER10001000Most chemicals, fertilizers, Black water, effluent, Certain oilsDownload datasheetER10
    ER13951400Most chemicals, fertilizers, Black water, effluent, Certain oilsDownload datasheetER13
    If applicable fluid does not list in the above fluid resistance guideline datasheets or if the data is not clear to you, please contact us in order to select a suitable material for your pillow bladder tank.
    Why Choose Fleximake Pillow Bladder Tanks

    Robust, durable and stable

    Fleximake pillow bladder tanks are designed and manufactured to be robust, durable and stable. All the seams of Fleximake bladder tanks are fusion welded using cutting edge plastic welding machines for guaranteed 100% sealing and for strength. The fabric materials used for our pillow bladder tanks are heavy duty, abrasion resistant, puncture resistant and high in tensile strength.

    Every pillow bladder we make go through a rigorous testing regime to ensure the quality and trouble free deployment on site.
    flexible liquid storage bladder is being tested in a factory by blowing up with pressurised air Effluent storage bladder tank is being leak tested at a factory by blowing up with pressurised air A worker inspecting seams of pressurised liquid fertiliser storage flexitank bladder during factory testing

    Ease of Use

    We have designed our pillow bladder tanks to fulfil the needs of field personals, giving careful consideration to how the bladder will be transported and used in remote areas. We also considered the time pressures on field personals setting up bladder tanks. Our pillow bladder tanks can be installed in a short period. The pillow bladder tanks contain the water body without the need for an external frame. Unlike other storage tanks, these bladder tanks are totally enclosed and therefore do not require safety fences.
    Fleximake can provide a solution of pillow bladder tank farms that consists of multiple bladders interconnected using manifolds. Pillow bladder farms are an extendable solution that allows you to add bladders for future capacity upgrades. Our pillow bladder tanks are lightweight, therefore, they can be folded neatly and easily for relocation and/or storage.
    Flexible dust suppression water storage bladder is packed for transportation to a site Empty flexible firefighting water bladder tank on a site during deployment Several workers installing a flexible water tank fitted with inlet fittings, outlet fittings and overflow valve

    Fleximake service and after sales support

    Our manufacturing facility is located in Melbourne, Australia, operating for over 10 years. We are committed to provide repair services and after sales support to all our customers, We can repair your existing pillow bladder tank to help you save money even if they were supplied by other manufacturers’. Please contact us with the details of the damaged bladder tank. In addition, we can supply you with a repair kit so that you can repair the tanks on site yourself! Please share your experience with our service in the bladder tank review section.

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