Jetty pile jackets | Pile Wrapping System

Pile Wrapping System | Jetty Pile Jackets Offering the Ultimate Protection

Fleximake Pile Wrapping System/Pile Jackets/ Sea shield are wrap around corrosion protection system used for inshore splash zone and underwater corrosion protection for piles, pipelines and risers. Designed to suit any diameter from 50 mm to 3 meters, it may be interlocked to accommodate any required protected length. Our pile jackets are easy to install because they are manufactured to the exact diameter and length specified.

Pile Wrapping System

This system of encasement offers fast installation, ease of placement, operational flexibility and minimal logistic requirements. Don’t take chances with your underwater piles and make sure that they are fully protected from corrosion — our installing pile jackets is much less stressful than having to replace pipelines and risers!

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