Water Weight Load Testing Bags

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Water Weight Load Testing Bags

Gain the extra certainty needed in your structural designs or equipment with high quality and durable products. Fleximake water filled proof load bags are designed for proof load testing of lifting equipment and structures, both newly finished or periodic checks and maintenance. Our industry leading products are specifically designed with strong materials that will not be easily deteriorated.

Fully Australian made, these water weight are consistently upgraded in order to maintain the full integrity of our products, and remain the top of the range.

Water Weight bags that are highly durable

Water weight bags offer load testing solutions for marine, offshore and other industry sectors with advantages in safety, economy, convenience and efficiency. They can be used for various applications including the following load testing situations; testing cranes, beam, davit, derrick, bridge, platform, walkway and floor. Fleximake can design and manufacture water weight bags to custom shape and size requirements to suit your specific application.

No matter what structural or equipment integrity you are testing, we will be able to provide the perfect proof load testing water bag for you. High quality material sourcing and industry leading manufacturing techniques deliver finished products with high tensile strength that are resistant to tears and abrasions.