Bunker Cover

Our grain covers are used right across Australia by independent farmers through to large commodity storage handlers in the agricultural industry who require temporary but extremely effective storage solutions for their grain.


Some of the factors that we consider when selecting the cover material are: UV stability, puncture, abbrasion and tear resistance, and installation method. Another consideration is the length of time the cover is needed. Our standard range include 260GSM PE, 290GSM PP and 610GSM RPVC. Contact us to find out the most suited for your application.
Bunker tarps are made from high-density material helps preserve the quality of grain and prevent future spoilage resulting from bad weather conditions. PE Material is Recyclable Lightweight, Affortable & Flexible and easy to handle. PP Material is Heavy duty, high UV resistance, and lightweight compaired to RPVC materials. While RPVC Material is extra-heavy duty, UV resistance, puncture, abbrasion and tear resistance.

Buoyancy Bag

Enclosed bags comes with 2.5PSI overpressure relief valves. Reconmended maximim pressure difference 5PSI. However, depending on the bag and the application, the bursting pressure is much higher. Depending on the size of the bag, there are varies number of relief valves to maintain a constant pressure gradient to avoide accelarated upward movement during the underwater lifting.
Due to the overpressure relief valves, it is impossible to overfill the bags. Also, the relief valves avoid the accelarated upward movement during an underwater lift

Fuel Bladder Tank

We work with a wide range of materia, therefore depending on the appilcation we can suggest the best suited for your material. Contact us with the TDS of the liquid.
All standard pillow bladders come with tie points to securely hold your pillow bladders in place when in use.

Industrial All Weather and Warehouse Curtains

Curtain walls are similar to traditional solid walls or rigid panelized systems in that they define and protect an area. As the name implies, however, fabric curtain walls are very different because they offer a high degree of flexibility. They can be quickly and easily installed, dismantled, or reconfigured. A curtain wall can be used in place of a conventional wall in virtually any non-loadbearing application. Stationary versions can be affixed to existing building structures like ceiling joists, or custom metal framework and sliding versions operate on a track and trolley system. The fabrics used to form the actual walls differ in materials and properties, allowing them to be precisely matched to the application. Insulated and non-insulated systems are available. However, the operating environment and site specific factors dictate the type of fabric wall and the configuration best suited for a given situation.
The simplicity of curtain walls and their components (vinyl fabric, insulated batting, and thread) culminate in a product that doesn't require a specialized sub-contractor and allows for a speedy installation with minimal interruption to your daily operation. This results in savings of roughly 40-60% over traditional construction costs on most projects.
Contact us with your requirement from there our trained rep will come to your facility and perform a site survey, recommending the best product for you. After ordering, your wall will be custom-designed for your needs and space. We can professionally install it, or you can do it yourself with directions provided during a free consultation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed throughout this entire process.
In most municipalities, these barriers are considered temporary so you won't need a permit. However, we encourage you to check with local building authorities including local and state fire officials to determine if any changes to fire suppression systems or methods must be amended upon completion of the curtain wall installation.
Absolutely. Anyone with mechanical aptitude can install this product after reviewing our architectural drawings and discussing with our sales staff or engineering staff. Typically, we conduct a pre-installation site visit or conference call to make sure all parties understand the procedures and answer any questions or concerns before the installation begins. We find this to be very effective in resolving any potential issues. However, if you don't have the man-power or time to complete the installation, we offer full turn-key installations so that you can concentrate on your business or daily operations.
It depends on the size and type of curtain being installed
Yes, depending on the application. We offer materials specifically for high heat loads, wash down scenarios, etc. Please consult with our sales staff for recommendations.
As with the answer above, it will help to insulate temperature a bit, but that is not its intended use. The curtain is designed and constructed in a way that maximizes sound reduction. While you may experience some temperature insulation from an acoustic curtain, it would not be nearly as effective as a thermal curtain would be for temperature containment needs.
The innards of a thermal curtain are polyfiber, which does have an acoustic absorbing effect.  So a thermal curtain will assist with absorbing sound, but it does not have any acoustic reflecting properties.  Additionally, thermal curtains are made with vinyl as the outer layers on both sides, while acoustic curtains can have vinyl, acoustic fabric, or mesh as the front layer.  The fabric or mesh will allow more sound to pass through, into the curtain, for a better result.  So a thermal curtain will help absorb sound, but mainly as a by-product of its intended function, which is thermal insulation.

Once order is confirmed, manufacture time on our standard products are 1-3 days and custom jobs between 5-10 days depending on the size. However this is still negotiable.

Yes. The standard B1 - Test method: DIN 4102

Help Increase Energy Savings, Streamline Workflow, Manage Environments, Improve Employee and Customer Comfort, Separate Temperatures

Onion Tanks for Potable and Non-Potable Water

Certificated quality for drinking water. Our fabric material is certificated comply with AS4020 drinking water standard. No taste or odor. Suitable for long-term storage potable drinking water.
We can make any customized size and shapes. Please feel free to contact us order your own specific water tanks.

Portable Insulated Bulkhead/Chiller Boards

Our Bulkhead weighs approximately 10-15kg.
Our bulkheads come with a boot manufactured from an abbresion resistance PVC material
The insulated bulkhead core is completely sealed and the gaskets provide no Area for contaminates to penetrate.

Tank Liner

In the unlikely event that the internal tank membrane liner is punctured, it can easily be repaired with minimal disruption usually by a heat/pressure process. This can be carried out by technicians on site. The same heat/pressure process is used in liner manufacture or modification and does not affect the overall integrity of the liner. For small punctures we do have self-adhsive punchure repair kits available.
Temperatures ranging from -30°C to +700°C (60°C maximum for prolonged periods), you contact our office for more information.
Tank liners with come with 10 year manufacture warranty on closed top tanks. With open tanks, the durability depend on the material, stored liquid and the UV exposure

Pallet covers

Standard pallet size is 1.20 x 1.20 x 1.20 Height. However, we can manufacture these to suit any size you require.
Red, Green, Black, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Orange, White are stocked colors. Other colors are available with longer lead times
It eliminates the need to move and position pallets for stretch wrapping, reinforces protection of your products, Eliminates unnecessary waste, Reduces costs, Reduce landfill use and markets your green initiative
Yes the pallet covers are water resistant and washable. They are made from a 650GSM material which is easy to clean.
The reusable pallet covers are fabricated from 650GSM PVC which is reinforced with a polyester scrim. This material is so strong that it is used as trucking tarps on semi-trailers. This makes it very durable and long lasting for many uses.
Yes, we do! Our insulated Foil Bubble Blankets/ pallet covers are perfect for this. Standard sizes include 1.25M, 1.50M and 1.75M drop.
Yes the covers can have your company logo printed on them along with any graphics or text you would like to add. Applicable for orders 10 plus units
We do have PVC repair patches available. Alternatively, you can send your item to us to inspect and repair from there.

Rainwater Tanks

Our rainwater tanks are a self supported solution, ideal for under deck, under house, etc. It’s a compact solution to store water where normally isn't been used. If installed in an open space, we can supply you a weather cover to cover from outsitde eliments.
That depends on how big a roof you are collecting rainwater from, where you live (council requirement), and the level of usage in the property. We can calculate the appropriate size for your particular project. There is a common misconception that one should have a large a tank as possible; however it is very important that the tank is not too large as this can in time lead to water quality problems. You will also find that some suppliers have very limited choice of tank sizes available, so they may simply recommend what they have. We can supply tanks of any size and will always recommend the correct model for your needs.

Spill Containment Systems – Spill Kits

A spill in the workplace can cause a variety of hazards and risks to employees. Spilling chemicals or other corrosives pose an obvious threat, but spills also pose a slipping hazard. It is important for a facility to be prepared for a spill at any given moment, and for workers to understand the proper procedures that cleaning a spill effectively requires.
1. Identify possible spill areas 2. Identify the liquids at hand 3. Determine the size of possible spills 4. Choose where to place the spill kit
It will be important to complete a job hazard analysis and to include the optimal storage spaces for spill kits. If it may be unclear to know where to put spill kits the facility should be mapped out with location and types of liquids and potential spills can occur, as well as quantity. Use this as your starting point for placing kits around the workplace.

Tarpaulins/ Tarps

Either of these features is achieved by coating & treating the fabric. While water-resistance refers to the fabric quality of repelling the water, thus keeping the water away from soaking in, it does not guarantee zero-seepage. After a point, there will be some amount of seepage happening. On the other hand, a waterproof fabric will totally keep-off the water from permeating through the fabric.
Yes. FmIndustrial can custom make covers and tarps according to your specifications, including fabric type, fabric weight, fabric color, eyelets and other requirements. Please give us a call or email to place your order.
No. Different tarps have huge performance and differences. Depending on the application, we can advice the best suited material.
Yes, standard products can be refunded if they are not beein shipped. However, once paid, we can not refund the funds off a custom project.
Yes. If you order multiple tarps we can offer discounts. Please contact us for more info

You can call us at 03 8772 2228 - option. 04 anytime between 8:30am-5:00pm, or you can email us at sales@fleximake.com.au. Our customer services representatives will be happy to take of your needs.

Shipping is calculated at checkout based on the weight of the tarp(s) in your shopping cart and the distance from us to you.
Upto 22kg - we use Australia Post. Above 22kg - Courier Services
Yes, although FmIndustrial does not guarantee any ship date or delivery date.
Yes. To ship to overseas, please contact FmIndustrial customer service for a special arrangement 03 8772 2228
Yes, under 22kgs - we can shipped to PO Box, however anything exceeding 22kgs is not possible

We pride ourselves in the quality of our tarps. They are built to last and are manufactured under the highest standards.

Most tarp retailers sell standard size tarps that they import from oversea. They usually include eyelets around the edges but you have no choice in eyelet spacing. All of our tarps are custom made so you can order the tarp in the exact size that you require. Even if you need your tarp to be cut in a special shape, or size (ie.circle, triangle, etc.) we can anufacture to suit. If you want grommets at specific locations to line up with your fasteners, etc. just let us know where you want them and we can add them as per your requirement. If you need special fasteners such as Velcro, webbing handles, D-rings,etc. we do that too. If you have a special requirement that is not listed on our site, chances are we can accommodate you, so be sure to contact us if you have specific needs.

Water Weight Load Testing Bags

This is possible when using our specialized sit-down bags during testing.
We have developed alternative rigging arrangements and bag shortening techniques using specialized beams to address headroom challenges. Please talk to our team, if you have any headroom challenges.
At standard fire hydrant pressure (approximately 800 ltrs/minute), we can fill the bags on average at a ton (1000 kg) per minute. Standard emptying time is about 2.5 tons per minute dependent on distance to the discharge location.
The bags have a physically proven (type tested) factor of safety in excess of 6:1 and if requested, proof load tested to over 2:1 prior to being taken into service.
The load is always measured by using either a certified flow meter that registers the water in litres when filling the bag(s) or by using a certified load cell with an indicator that measures the actual weight below the hook. We have an entire range of standard and custom load and strain measurement equipment, you can view them here.
The filling is achieved through a standard 2" layflat hose and dumping with a 4" drain line which may be supplied with or without a valve upon request. Please talk to your local representative about fittings and valves per your testing requirements.
Yes, depending on the application. We offer materials specifically for high heat loads, wash down scenarios, etc. Please consult with our sales staff for recommendations.