Rainwater Tanks Melbourne Australia

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Selling Quality Rainwater Tanks Melbourne Australia

Rain water tanks in Melbourne are made with high-quality material sourcing and industry-leading manufacturing techniques. They deliver a finished product with a high tensile strength that is resistant to tears, punctures and abrasions. This means you can have ease of mind in knowing the structural integrity of your water tank. Holding vast amounts of rainwater without compromising space. Our state of the art water tanks are leaving customers happy time over. 

Fleximake RAIN-CATCH™ system is supplied with an installation guide for DIY or third-party installers. If required, Fleximake can offer a complete installation service.

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Based in Dandenong South, just 30 minutes from Melbourne, we’re ready to help you find the water collection bladder tank you need. Please contact our great team on 1300 195 295. You can also send any enquiries to our email, sales@fleximake.com.au. Our team will be able to help with any further information or specialised quotations. You can also see our wonderful range of quality tanks including onion tanks, water weight bags and firefighting tanks.

Rainwater Storage Tanks Australia

Rainwater is a valuable natural resource that has been collected by Australian households for domestic and commercial use since colonial times. Incredibly sustainable and suitable for multiple elements of the home, rainwater harvesting using rain water tanks is a great method of reducing your water usage in Australia. Opportunities for rainwater collection and use vary with location, from rainy Melbourne to tropical Queensland.

Urban households typically have a connection to a reticulated, treated (mains) water supply but can significantly lower mains water usage by installing a rainwater harvesting system. Most rural households have to source all water on their property, and rainwater often provides a better-quality household supply than a river, bore or dam water

Under House Rainwater Tanks

The Fleximake under house rainwater bladder tank harvesting system, RAIN-CATCH™, is an ideal tank solution for rain water storage. Using otherwise unused space under houses, buildings and decks, flexible rainwater tanks allow large amounts of rainwater to be stored without affecting the aesthetic of your home or taking up valuable yard space.

Fleximake RAIN-CATCH™ system offers a comparative durability and cost effectiveness to traditional solid moulded tanks with complete reliability. Hundreds of successful projects have been installed around Australia with no reported failures, ever!