Buoyancy bags

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Buoyancy and Salvage Lift Bags Available for Delivery Throughout Australia

Fleximake is Australia’s leading manufacturer of state of the art flexible products using high quality plastics and textiles. Our extensive range of Buoyancy bags are specially designed for use through a variety of industrial applications, and we have long been a leader in creating innovative solutions for industrial applications. We design and manufacture marine salvage lift bags, available for distribution throughout Australia, which are important for a variety of aquaculture applications.

Simply get in contact with the team at Fleximake and we will assist you with your enquiries relating to this important equipment for aquaculture.

Uses for Buoyancy and Marine Salvage Lift Bags

Buoyancy and marine salvage lift bags can now be used as pontoons for supporting docks and other floating structures, and they are also excellent for pipe-laying and other underwater construction projects to supply buoyancy. The main application of the “Marine Salvage Airbags/ Buoyancy Bags” is in shipwreck salvage, floating bridge and dock construction, rescue, and removal of wrecked ships and beached vessels.

Buoyancy bags are now an important piece of equipment for the aquaculture industry, and Fleximake is a proud supplier of these incredibly useful and reliable products.