Underwater lift bags

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To learn more about our state of the art Underwater Lift Bags, and the other products in our range, contact our expert team today. You can give us a call through our number on 1300 195 295. You can also feel free to email us any of your enquiries through sales@fleximake.com.au. Our team will be able to help with any further information or specialised quotations. We also stock a range of products through Fleximake including our firefighting tanks, water weight bags, rainwater tanks and more.

Underwater lift bag suppliers in Australia

Over many years, Fleximake has collaborated with professional divers to understand the latest upgrades that can be made to our lift bag design and ensure the most effective and reliable product. This allows us to get the highest quality product during the manufacturing stage, as well as provide the latest in health and safety advancements.

Our ranges of Underwater Lift Bags/inflatable lift bags

Fleximake offer cylindrical (end closed) and parachute (open ended) style lift bags in cost effective, standard sizes that range from 50kg to 10,000kg. If required, lift bags can be made completely to your specification and there is no limit to the capacity. Fleximake offer one of the strongest materials in the trade and heavy duty, robust construction.

Features of our lift bags include:

  1. All required accessories and load bearing straps are included and comply with Australian standards.
  2. Over pressure relief and dump valves to provide better control in under water lifting.
  3. Evenly distributed lifting load keeping more than 1:3 safety ratio.
  4. High tensile strength, tear and abrasion resistant material.

All units go through a stringent quality control testing process to ensure you receive the best product on the market at the best price and there are now hundreds of successful projects around the world.

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