Collapsible Bunds & Portable Spill Bunds – PVC

Portable spill bunds, also known as collapsible bunds, are a perfect bunding solution for the temporary storage and portable bunding system for a variety of materials, from liquids and all the way up to entire vehicles. As they are a portable product, they are very useful in a variety of industries. A major benefit is the speed in which they can be deployed, only requiring a few minutes to set up and are immediately ready for use. PVC collapsible bunds and water frac pillow tanks are one of Fleximake’s top products and are highly sought-after by business Australia-wide. Find out more about the dimensions we can offer and enquire about customised bunds today.

A Range of Bunds and Water Frac Pillow Tanks

Strict regulations mean that some liquids must be bunded when not in use. Whether you’re at your workplace or on a job site, having a PVC portable collapsible bund on hand ensures that your business will adhere to legislation wherever you are. Additionally, our water frac pillow tanks are specifically designed to be lightweight, to hold-up heavy duty, fully collapsible, and won’t cause damage to the ground it’s built on.

Talk to Us About Collapsible Bunds

If you have any questions about our PVC portable and collapsible bund or would like to ask about water frac pillow tanks, reach out to our friendly team. With a wide product range including dust suppression bladdersonion tanks, and fuel bladders, we are more than happy to chat about the bladders and frac pillow tanks that will suit you best. Our knowledgeable team can offer great advice to set you up with all the right materials. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with our staff and we can discuss the right solution for your project. Call us on 1300 195 295 or fill in the enquiry form below.