Fish farming tanks

Fish Farming Tank Liners for Sale

Fleximake design and manufacture fish farming tank liners that are suitable for aqua-cultural fish farming. Custom made liners are designed to suit unique size and application requirements such as sea water emersion liners, dam liners, fresh water emersion liners, water tank liners, water pond liners and aquaculture tank liners.

Fleximake is Australia’s industry-leading supplier of high quality flexible products for use across a range of applications. We specially design and manufacture products for use in the industrial, residential, agricultural, and commercial trades. We are always happy to discuss our range of products with our valued clients. So feel free to get in contact with us and we will get to work on finding the perfect solution for your application.


We source only the highest quality materials

High quality material sourcing and industry leading manufacturing techniques deliver finished products with high tensile strength that are affordable to heavy duty and resistant to tears, punctures and abrasions.
Sourced only from reputable suppliers, Fleximake can provide full material traceability to ensure that our custom-made fish farm liners do not emit any harmful chemicals and exceed customer expectations.
The sustainable sourcing of materials is something we take very seriously at Fleximake, and only produce products using high quality, consciously sourced materials.

Contact us for a quote

Feel free to contact the friendly team of experts at Fleximake for a specialised quote on our specially designed flexible fish farming tank liners or for any other enquiries. We are always happy to discuss any design specifications you have and are more than happy to come up with a design that is perfectly tailored to your application.

Call 1300 195 295 or fill out an enquiry form and one of highly-experienced team of staff will happily assist you with any of your enquiries.

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